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I understand that you will face some of the biggest emotional and financial challenges of your life as you navigate your way through the chaos of separation.  For over 24 years, I have helped separated spouses and children through the difficult process of separating.  I have developed the skill of guiding my clients in a caring and professional way to make good and informed decisions about their future, and their children’s future.  I will help you to identify your goals and options and assist you to make the best decision for your particular circumstances.  We will identify whether you would benefit from other resources and I have a network of professionals including parenting experts, financial specialists, business valuators, accountants, counselors and social workers to build a support system to get you through.  I have developed a very effective process to help you reach a settlement without having to step foot in a courtroom.   

It is important to me to resolve conflict in a way that minimizes harm. 

It is important to me to protect people, especially children, from exploitation, hurt and emotional and financial ruin. 

I prefer to get past the manipulation and negotiation tactics often used in resolving disputes to have a more honest discussion about how to achieve a viable and fair settlement.  

Legal Services

I offer representation in the collaborative process and settlement negotiations, and mediation services to settle cases. 

My goal is to help my clients obtain what is most important to them.  I spend the time necessary to provide my clients with legal education and information about their choices and the results that may realistically be achieved.  I ensure that my clients have the support and guidance that they need to make informed and responsible decisions. Family law issues usually involve a complicated interplay between legal, financial and emotional issues.  I have a network of other professionals to assist my clients as necessary as to work toward informed, practical and creative solutions that meet the needs of my clients and their children.  

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Collaborative Law
In collaborative law, lawyers work as advisors to clients while clients have the primary responsibility for identifying issues and solutions during the negotiations. This approach to solving legal problems strives to provide participants with dignity, privacy, fairness and workable solutions.  I am the Chairperson of the Kawartha Collaborative Practice group. More information on collaborative law is available at
Mediation is a structured process in which a neutral third party helps to negotiate a solution to a problem that makes more sense to the parties than continuing their dispute. The mediator encourages open discussion of the issues and uses a variety of skills and techniques to provide a forum within which the disputants can construct their own agreement. Mediation services are available for any legal dispute including matters of civil litigation, contract disputes, tort claims and family law. The process can also be used by lawyers and clients seeking evaluative mediation (where the mediator provides an opinion on the legal issues and assessment of a likely trial outcome as part of the mediation process).
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Family Mediation
When couples separate, they need to unravel the various aspects of their relationship usually in a highly emotional context. Sorting out rights and responsibilities associated with issues such as parenting arrangements, child and spousal support, ownership and division of property, determining responsibility for debts requires a process for a final determination of these issues. Family mediation can provide a dignified and respectful method to allow couples to move on with their lives without delay, to avoid conflict and excessive cost and to reach an agreement with their separated spouse that will be successfully implemented in the future.  The effects of separation on children and their quality of life after separation are a priority in my approach to resolving family law disputes.  
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My Mission Statement 


The Law Office of Susan Peel is dedicated to providing clients with representation, information and resources to address their legal, financial and emotional needs by providing caring and respectful leadership and guidance to achieve a fair settlement using a process designed to minimize the pain that is often associated with separation.


I strive to treat my clients, my professional colleagues, and my employees with dignity and consideration through caring and respectful communication. My vision is to create an office that is peaceful and supportive while providing honest and accurate legal education and guidance to my clients.

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